Frequently Asked Questions:

Do ya’ll read music down there in Nashville?

Not only do we read music, we write it, record it, play it, sing it, and do anything else needed! Our players have come here from all over the country, actually, all over the world. We have graduates from Julliard, Yale, New England Conservatory, Eastman, and Indiana University, just to name a few. Your music is in very capable, talented hands. The other advantage of recording in Nashville is that you will have at your disposal some of the finest studio engineers and arrangers available anywhere, not to mention the quality of the recording studios themselves.

I want to use strings on my record. Do I need to find a good arranger who is up to the task, or can you guys improvise?

It is always best to have an arranger. We have great arrangers in our group and can recommend someone who will serve your best interests, depending on the type of music to record. We can also accommodate your needs if you prefer to have an improv session. This typically works best with 1-4 players.

Do you only book strings?

The Nashville String Machine can book anything from one violin to an 80 piece orchestra. We are a one stop service for musicians, studios, arrangers, and engineers. We can book strings, winds, brass, rhythm and any combination you might need.

I’m interested in coming to Nashville to record my project, but I do not know anybody there. Where do I begin?

Just get in touch with us about your project and we will put you on the right "track" to recording in Nashville. We not only can arrange for the musicians on your session, but can also help you with everything from choosing the right Studio to matching you with a great Engineer. You make one call and we take care of the rest.

How do I determine the cost of booking a session?

Cost is determined by the type of project you are doing. Just let us know what your project involves, and we will give you a very accurate budget figure.

How do I pay the musicians?

You can pay with just one check to the Nashville String Machine. We will take care of writing all the individual checks and doing all the paperwork involved.

How do I book the Nashville String Machine for a session?

Contact Information:
Carl or Carol Gorodetzky

“There is one simple reason why I continually travel to Nashville for my recording production work and it's this... there is no finer group of efficient, instinctive, and talented musicians anywhere in the world. They (Nashville String Machine) are seasoned professionals with incredible sensitivity and a broad range of musical understanding. Simply put... they get it!"

- J. Daniel Smith
Music Producer